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Bansuri (Bamboo Flute)

Shri Krishna playing the Bansuri

Shri Krishna playing the Bansuri

Bansuri flute notes

 The Bansuri (aka. venu, murali, bansi, or baanhi) originates from India. It is a seven holed instrument. The first is used to blow into and the other six are played with the three middle fingers of each hand as diagrammed right.

The instrument plays an important part in Krishna Lila (pastimes of love). Krishna played the Bansuri to enchant the hearts of the cowherd damsels of Vraja Dham, India. He is often depicted (as seen above) playing this heart-melting instrument.

Students who take this course will learn how to make the sounds and play the raaga (melodic) system of Indian music. The course will begin with finger and breath practices known as alankars, and proceed to the various raagas that make up the various tunes. From there, students will be equipped to play along to kirtans and bhajans. Contact us for any questions!

Native Asian Indian playing wooden bansuri flute.